My research focuses on one consequence of the digital revolution: the pervasiveness of digital traces we leave behind us. I study how we relate to these traces, how we can control them but also how they can enrich our lives. Ongoing projects include: leveraging traces to develop and improve our digital skills by reflecting on past experiences, enabling users to better understand the traces they produce and developing tools to better control how traces are used.

In the past years, I have explored these questions in the context of Biology laboratories, studying how researchers capture, re-visit and reflect on information (see my dissertation).

Ongoing Projects


  • Jun. 2016 - Participating to the Dagstuhl Seminar on Immersive Analytics.
  • Jun. 2016 - AC for NordiCHI 2016
  • May. 2016 - FUI Grant accepted, on Activity Based Computing in teaching settings
  • Feb. 2016 - Two posters presented at CSCW 2016 by Adam Rule and Karen Boyd, with Jim Hollan.
  • May 2016 - Teaching UX Design in the French MOOC on Information Architecture .
  • July. 2016 - Jury member for the final year projects of DSAA Villefontaine.
  • Jun. 2015 - Paper with Adam Rule, Karen Boyd and James Hollan accepted at CogSci 2015: Restoring the Context of Interrupted Work with Desktop Thumbnails.
  • May 2015 - CNRS PEPS Grant accepted to work on visualizations to explore physical and digital library collections.
  • ...
  • Sep. 2013 - Started in Lyon as Assistant Professor
  • April 2012 - Started working at the Media Informatics/HCI group of LMU in Munich.
  • Nov. 2009 - Started working as a postdoc in the PITlab, at the IT University of Copenhagen.
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