Meta-data of 30 years of CHI articles

CHI’14 results are out, for those who feel melancholic and would like to look at the evolution of CHI over time, here is the data from 1982 to 2013*. It’s not super clean but hopefully you can start to play with it. If you find errors send me an email.

There is a csv file per year, with a row per paper. Each paper has the following properties: “conference”, “year”, “doi”, “title”, “citationCount”, “download6weeks”, “download12months”, “downloadAll”, “keywords”, “pageNumber”, “authors (name, affilitiation)”

An example: “CHI”, “83”, “”, “Design principles for human-computer interfaces”, “23 “, “28”, “149”, “2,842”, “command and control languages; languages; software psychology”, “10”, “81100063003, Donald A. Norman, Department of Psychology and Institute for Cognitive Science C-015, University of California, San Diego; “

Citation and downloads counts come from the ACM DL (fetched over the past 3 days).

If you find the data useful, I’d would be nice to let me know what you used it for, and if you’re interested in the data from another conference, drop me a line.


* I’m an ACM member believing that I’m doing a public service by gathering and publishing articles’ meta-data. If you believe otherwise, send me an email.**

** “But anyone who says that there is money to be made in a stash of ACADEMIC ARTICLES is either an idiot or a liar” Laurence Lessig